Our area is central to the whole island.

There is no specific beach within easy reach as we are on the mountain side of the Kutavos Lagoon. However, there are many amazing beaches within a few minutes drive in all directions.

All the famous beaches around Argostoli, such as Costa Costa, Makris & Platis Gialos, Fanari, Gradakia, Paleostafida and all the rest of Lassi are about 10 minutes away. Add 5-10 'more to this by car and you can visit Ammes, Great Sand, Abyss, St. Thomas, Trapezaki, Lourdes and many more.

The capital and largest city of the island, Argostoli has all the amenities of the city, with many options for shopping, dining, coffee or an evening out in the city.

Kefalonia is an amazing destination with so many beautiful landscapes changing.

  • You can explore famous beaches such as Myrtos, Petanoi and Antisamos.
  • You can visit the most picturesque villages, such as Assos and Fiskardo, to the north of the island.
  • Mount Aenos is the focus of the island and what makes it so unique. The valley of Omala, which is the seat of St. Gerasimus' patron, is also a wine-growing country where the famous Robola wine (PDO) is made.
  • The Melissani Underground Lagoon and the Drogarati Cave, near Sami, will surely excite you.
  • Skala and its long beach are a great place to visit.

All these places and much more, along with great dining and shopping options accompany, make Cephalonia a truly magical destination. Sofia's apartment is a beautiful, modern and comfortable home for your friends and family to have a wonderful holiday.

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